Gianfrano Marrocco

Owner and Founder of Marrocco Group

Born in Cassino, Italy, Gianfranco Marrocco moved to the United States in 1970 with his parents and settled in Providence, Rhode Island. At the age of 21, he returned to Italy to work for an uncle in the restaurant business. With a new appreciation for Italian cooking and tradition, he came back to the United States and began to work on his American dream- the building of a restaurant empire. Marrocco opened his first establishment, Caffe Dolce Vita, on historic Federal Hill in 1992.  Mediterraneo Caffe soon followed and is considered one of the finest, most successful restaurants in Providence. Expanding his empire to the hotel industry, Marrocco opened Hotel Dolce Villa, a small luxury hotel that sits in Depasquale Square. Additional venues that are part of the Marrocco Group include Geppetto's Pizzeria, Amici Bar and Grille, Skarr Hookah lounge and Smoke Lounge. Marrocco's intense involvement and commitment to quality can be seen in each of his venues, ensuring Marrocco Group's place as a leader in  Rhode Island's hospitality industry.

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